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What is the Norwegian Health Certificate (ML5)?

How to obtain a Norwegian Health Certificate (ML5)?

The Importance of Maritime Medical Examination for Seafarers

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Why Choose Alarga Occupational Health and Safety for Norwegian Medical Certificate (ML5)?

If you’re a seafarer looking to obtain your Norwegian Medical Certificate (ML5), look no further than Alarga Occupational Health and Safety. Our institution is the only authorized doctor in Turkey that can provide the ML5 certificate to seafarers. But that’s not the only reason why you should choose us for your medical examination needs. Here are three more reasons why Alarga Occupational Health and Safety is the best choice for obtaining your ML5 certificate:

All tests in one place: At Alarga Occupational Health and Safety, we understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we offer all the necessary medical tests for your ML5 certification in the same unit. This means you won’t have to waste time going to different locations for various tests. We have a team of 40 highly skilled person who are committed to providing you with the best possible care during your medical examination.

Competent institution: Alarga Occupational Health and Safety is a highly competent institution when it comes to medical examinations for seafarers. Our team of medical professionals is highly trained and experienced in conducting medical examinations for seafarers. We use the latest medical equipment and technology to ensure that your examination is accurate and reliable. You can rest assured that your ML5 certification is in good hands with us.

In conclusion, Convenient and stress-free: Obtaining your ML5 certificate should be a stress-free process. At Alarga Occupational Health and Safety, we ensure that the entire process is convenient and stress-free for you. Our team of medical professionals is friendly and approachable, and they will guide you through the entire examination process. We’ll take care of all the necessary paperwork and documentation, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. Contact us today to schedule your medical examination.

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